Patriotism and Propaganda: Cultural Expression and Censorship of Cinema in 1960s Soviet Union, Spain, and Cuba




Parsons, Alexandra Valentina

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I will look at three films created in the 1960s under dictatorial regimes. I chose films that were subject to severe censorship and later became known as some of the best cinematic works of their time. From the Soviet Union I choose I am 20 (1965). From Spain I will look at El Verdugo (1963), and from Cuba I will look at the joint Soviet production, Soy Cuba (1964). Each film was in some way new or revolutionary and was not accepted in its original form by its government upon its release. I will examine the social and historical context of the films including the trends of increased globalization in each respective nation. In the Soviet Union I will examine the film in relation to the post-Stalin thaw, in Spain in relation to Apertura, and in Cuba to the recent revolution. I am interested in how each country created innovated works with relative isolation and how each government responded to modernity, change, and increased international cooperation. I believe that these films are a good snapshot of this point in history, show the fears of the people at that time, and tell an interesting story about the relationship between the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Spain.


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