A Biodegradable Polycaprolactone Based Ink Developed for 3D Ink Jetting

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He, Yinfeng
Kilsby, Sam
Tuck, Chris
Wildman, Ricky
Christie, Steven
Yang, Hongyi
Edmondson, Steven

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University of Texas at Austin


Biomedical applications are one of the driving forces for Additive Manufacturing, however to extend the range of applications and markets new materials are required. A new type of biodegradable Polycaprolactone (PCL) based ink that is suitable for 3D inkjet printing was successfully developed. UV curable PCL was synthesized and mixed with Poly(ethylene glycol) di-acrylated (PEGDA) to prepare an ink with suitable viscosity for inkjet printing. Their mechanical properties as well as the printing accuracy were measured by nano-indentation and scanning electron microscopy. Post curing was applied to printed samples in order to study how post curing may influence sample properties. It was found that within 30min post-curing period, the sample’s surface which is direct illuminated by UV light increased from 31.22MPa to 70.20MPa while the bottom surface showed less incensement from 34.9MPa to 39.8MPa.


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