Geologic and Engineering Characterization of Geraldine Ford Field, Reeves and Culberson Counties, Texas

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The objective of this Class III project is to demonstrate that detailed reservoir characterization of elastic reservoirs in basinal sandstones of the Delaware Mountain Group in the Delaware Basin of West Texas and New Mexico is a cost-effective way to recover more of the original oil in place by strategic infill-well placement and geologically based field development. The study focused on Geraldine Ford field, which produces from the upper Bell Canyon Formation (Ramsey sandstone). Geraldine Ford field is located in Reeves and Culberson Counties, Texas. The field was unitized in 1968 and is operated by Conoco, Inc., as the Ford Geraldine unit; it contains an estimated 99 million barrels (MMbbl) of original oil in place. Petrophysical characterization of the Ford Geraldine unit was accomplished by integrating core and log data and quantifying petrophysical properties from wireline logs. Core-porosity to log-data transforms and core-porosity to core-permeability transforms were derived for the reservoir. The petrophysical data were used to map porosity, permeability, net pay, water saturation, mobile oil saturation, and other reservoir properties.


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