Hydrogeology of a Perched Aquifer in the Pantex Plant Region: Preliminary Results

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Significant progress has been made in the delineation, measurement, and description of a perched aquifer(s) in the region of the U.S. Department of Energy Pantex Plant, and in the determination of hydraulic characteristics of perched aquifers. Major areas of progress include documentation of the spatial extent of the perched aquifer and of mechanisms controlling directions and rates of ground-water flow.

New data have been collected from (1) aquifer tests performed in five perched aquifer monitoring wells at the Pantex Plant, (2) static water-level measurements in six new perched aquifer monitoring wells drilled at the Pantex Plant in the spring of 1992, (3) regional surveys conducted to locate domestic and agricultural wells producing from either the perched aquifer that extends under the Pantex Plant or from a possibly separate perched aquifer in the region of interest, and (4) extensive chemical and isotopic sampling of waters produced from the perched aquifer. Hydrologic results derived from these data will be discussed in this report, and chemical results will be reviewed in a separate report.


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