Stratigraphy of the Palo Duro Basin- A Status Report

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Ruppel, Stephen C.
Fracasso, Michael A.
Dutton, Shirley P.
Herron, M. J.

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Since the beginning of Bureau research into the Palo Duro Basin area in 1979, more than 150 geologic reports have been completed and published. Approximately 30 are currently in press. Because of continuing research in the area, however, a great deal of additional work still remains unpublished. This report provides an update on ongoing, as yet unpublished research into the stratigraphy of the Palo Duro Basin (fig. 1).

Although investigations on some scale are being carried out on essentially all of the stratigraphic horizons in the Palo Duro Basin area (fig. 2), only those units which have recently been the focus of relatively concentrated research efforts are reported herein. This necessarily includes those units being analyzed for hydrocarbon potential (Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Systems), those that are the focus of hydrologic studies (Permian Wolfcamp Series and Permo-Triassic Dockum Group and Dewey Lake Formation), and the proposed waste repository horizon (Permian San Andres Formation). Work on other stratigraphic units is of lower priority and is being carried out peripherally. Table 1 indicates researchers responsible for contributions to this report and those who are continuing to study various stratigraphic units in the area.


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