A Post-Program, Follow-Up Approach for Postsecondary Vocational Education Students




Gula, Annette
King, Christopher T.

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


In November 1988, North Harris County College District contracted with the Center for the Study of Human Resources (Center), a research facility of the LBJ School for Public Affairs of the University of Texas at Austin, to design, develop and pilot test a post-program follow-up system for postsecondary vocational education students in Texas. The primary objectives of this project were to provide reliable and objective information on student outcomes at both the state and local level while minimizing associated costs; and to test the feasibility of the proposed approach for follow-up data collection. The project was not intended to be a comprehensive data collection system on student progress but rather to offer a source of supplemental data. When linked with data on enrollment and in-program activities, the post-program performance data was intended to provide two-year, postsecondary institutions with an assessment tool for program management and evaluation.


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