Geothermal Resource Assessment for the State of Texas: Appendices E-H

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Woodruff, Jr., C. M.

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This appendix is a folio of maps showing lineaments perceived by the three authors on each of 51 Landsat images. The maps represent the boundaries of the images viewed (see fig. E-1), and each image has a project-specific number and name (see table E-1) for reference to the identifying and qualifying information given in Appendix F.

The maps were reduced from an original image-scale of 1:250,000. The 51 maps that compose this folio show only the boundaries of the images viewed, the major latitude/longitude tics where they intersect the image borders, and three types of lines representing lineaments perceived by each of us (see fig. E-2). No traditional cartographic representation of cultural or natural features is shown on these maps because of difficulties in registering the map projections of Landsat features onto base maps of standard projection (see Appendix F, table F-2). This registry problem is being solved, and a composite map of these lineaments is in preparation for presentation at a scale of 1:1,000,000.


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