Areal Surface Characterization of Laser Sintered Parts for Various Process Parameters

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Delfs, P.
Schmid, H.-J.

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University of Texas at Austin


Laser sintered polymer parts consist of rough surfaces due to the layered manufacturing and adherence of incomplete molten particles. The absolute roughness depend on various process parameters like build angle, spatial position, build temperature, exposure order and layer time. Analyses with the help of several areal roughness values of DIN EN ISO 25178-2 considering these parameters are introduced in this paper. Multiple build jobs with 120 µm layer thickness and PA2200 powder were built on an EOS P396 machine using the same build job design with varying process parameters. An individual sample part was designed to receive lots of surface topography information with optical 3D measurements. The results show roughness dependencies for 0° to 180° build angles in 15° steps and eleven distributed in-plane and three axial direction positions depending on different build temperatures, reversed exposure order and layer times. Limitations of the varied parameters are finally derived for the manufacturing of improved surface qualities.


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