An Evaluation of the Texas Supply/Demand Information System for Vocational Education




Marshall, Ray
Van Cleve, Roy
Toews, Curtis D.
Stephan, Nelly

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


The efforts of the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Employment Commission, and the Governor's Office of Information Services, individually and through joint co-ordination within the Tri-Agency Advisory Committee, have resulted in a working and workable supply/demand information system for vocational education. In order to enhance the present system and to provide alternatives for future operation of the total system, the Texas Education Agency requested the Center for the Study of Human Resources, the University of Texas at Austin, to evaluate the system as designed and programmed. The system design, presented to the Center staff for evaluation, manifests a knowledge and understanding of the intricate, complex, and extensive problems of the occupational demands of the world of work with the occupational supplies from the world of education. This report of comments and recommendations are presented with the intent of providing guidance for improving the long-term value of the system.


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