Time Homogenization of Al3003 H-18 Foils Undergoing Metallurgical Bonding Using Ultrasonic Consolidation

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Pal, Deepanker
Stucker, Brent E.

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University of Texas at Austin


A dislocation density based finite element model was formulated and initially validated using published experimental data for simple shear deformation of a single crystal pure aluminum and uniaxial tension of bulk polycrystalline Al 3003-H18 alloy. The model was extended to predict the deformation behavior of 150µm Al 3003-H18 foils undergoing ultrasonic consolidation (UC). The simulated results were in good agreement with the experimental results for the evolution of linear weld density and embrittlement due to grain substructure formation. A novel time homogenization approach has been further formulated which significantly reduces the computational overhead. The time-homogenization approach uses the Almost Periodic Time Homogenization (APTH) operator based on an asymptotic Forward-Euler scheme for integrating the coarse time increments. The computational efficiency is proportional to the ratio of coarse to fine time scales.


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