Identification and analysis of practices that positively impact construction productivity

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Benzekri, Maria

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Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

Improvements on construction productivity benefits projects. These benefits are diverse and varied. Costs can be reduced, schedule performance can be improved, skilled labor shortage can be mitigated, and much more. These last few years, construction sites have undeniably made significant progress through advances in heavy equipment, tools, and materials. But there are still some areas that have strong potential to improve construction productivity such as craft information systems, materials management, and construction methods, which abound of opportunities that just need to be pursued. Innovations represent some of these opportunities, however if established process and practices for managing construction productivity are not effectively utilized and implemented, they are likely to have a little impact on construction productivity. This thesis summarizes a research study which aimed to identify productivity practices that have the most significant positive impact on craft productivity and to document and incorporate them into an implementation resource. Surveys involving over a hundred experts and extensive literature review were used to gather accurate data. Construction industry and civil engineering academic experts were also consulted to accomplish this goal.



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