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University of Texas Marine Science Institute

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University of Texas Marine Science Institute




In this issue of Lazarette Gazette -- Dean Boyer: Teaching Department and MSI have turned the corner - Director's Report (cover) -- New Main - Winch for RN LONGHORN is major improvement - Cruise Reports & Boat Operations (p. 2) -- Ron Benner: error in Amazon now-rate is plus or minus the Mississippi River - Trip Reports & Travel (p. 2) -- Ocean Emporium gets sea critter sign in Visitor Center - Marine Education Services (p. 3) -- Major HVAC·system work authorized - Facilities & Equipment (p. 4) -- Foreign Employees: Port Aransas-friendly people and lots of space to park - Personnel (p. 4) -- Foreign Students: Port Aransas-friendly people who can drink a lot of beer - Students (p. 5) --Tony Amos: the big bird-mite mystery - Tony's Tidings (p. 7) -- Helpful Hints from Fiscal Office - Fiscal Office Facts & foo-fa-raw (p. 8) -- Find out what's for chow - Gastronomic Gazette (p. 9) -- Sailing across the top of the Lazarette Gazette - Editor's Note (p. 9)

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