Phase III: Examination of Texas Salt Domes as Potential Sites for Permanent Storage of Toxic Chemical Waste

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Seni, Steven J.
Collins, Edward W.
Hamlin, H. Scott
Mullican, William F.
Smith, D. Anderson

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This report presents the results of the final Phase III research aimed at better quantifying selected issues associated with the permanent storage of toxic chemical wastes in solution-mined caverns in salt. Phase III research focused on understanding cap-rock genesis and hydrology at Boling, Barbers Hill, and Damon Mound Domes, subsidence and structure patterns around domes in the Houston diapir province, and near-dome structure, stratigraphy, and growth history of Boling, Barbers Hill, and Damon Mound Domes.

The report is divided into three main sections. The first section presents our recommendations and conclusions. The second section includes topical summaries of each of the research reports. The final section comprises individual research reports on:

  1. Subsidence and collapse associated with salt domes.
  2. Statistical analysis of regional patterns of structure in the Houston diapir province.
  3. Petrography and structure of cap rock at Boling Dome.
  4. Stratigraphy, structure, and hydrology of Barbers Hill Dome.
  5. Cap-rock hydraulics of Barbers Hill Dome.
  6. Stratigraphy and history of Late Pleistocene to recent structural deformation at Damon Mound Dome.


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