How Does the Transmission of Diet Behaviors Differ by Parent and Child Gender in Brazil?




Donnelly, Rachel
Marteleto, Letícia J.

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University of Texas at Austin Population Research Center



Diet is a key driver of obesity and a key mechanism in the transmission of obesity from parent to child. While past research in this area has primarily focused on the influence of mothers on the diets of their children, this brief, from PRC graduate student Rachel Donnelly and PRC faculty research associate Letícia Marteleto, reports on research that examines the influence of mothers and fathers on the diets of their daughters and sons in Brazil. They find that mothers’ diets have a stronger association with their daughters’ diets than fathers’ diets in lower-socioeconomic households. They argue that policies aiming to reduce the burden of obesity and improve nutrition among Brazilian children should consider improving the diets and health of parents, especially mothers.

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