Computerized Calcuation and Cahrarcterization of Lignite Resources in Texas

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Kaiser, W. R.

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This project aimed to complete the calculation of lignite resources in Texas according to USGS Circular 891 and begin providing petrographic data on Texas lignite. To date, no resource calculations have been done; however, considerable petrographic data have been collected.

There is no progress to report on the calculation of resources in the East Texas Jackson/Yegua trend because we are awaiting completion of data entry and digitization by the USGS. In July 1984, resource and lithologic data and geographical locations for data points in the East Texas Jackson/Yegua trend were submitted to the USGS, who is responsible for entering these data into the PR1ME computer database (TXSTRAT) and digitizing the geographical locations. At present, data have been entered for 23 of the 40 quadrangles submitted to the USGS (see attached figure). This represents 45 percent of the approximately 6,137 points submitted. Twenty-one of the 40 quadrangles have been digitized, representing 53 percent of the approximately 1,102 geographic locations submitted.

Upon completion of data entry and digitization, we can begin the calculation of resources as outlined in our October 1985 proposal.


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