Optical analysis of plate modes in circuit boards using a multi-axis shaker table



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Traditionally, vibration testing has employed single-axis shakers to replicate environmental conditions, but multi-axis environmental testing strategies have received recent attention as they may more accurately represent dynamic field environments. Here we demonstrate, for a clamped-clamped plate, the effect of testing all the axes of interest in a multi-axis shaker environmental test. The component is a printed wiring assembly (PWA) board mounted to a Team Tensor TE6-900 six degree-of-freedom shaker and an Unholtz-Dickie T1000/T2000 shaker. This study aims to determine the difference in stress states of a PWA board when tested using a single degree-of-freedom shaker (Unholtz-Dickie T1000/T2000) and a six degree-of-freedom shaker (Team Tensor TE6-900), analyzed using both component time to failure (TTF) and a scanning laser doppler vibrometer (SLDV). The PWA boards were exposed to single-axis testing using a single degree-of-freedom shaker, single-axis testing using a six degree-of-freedom shaker, and multi-axis testing using a six degree-of-freedom shaker.


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