Mesoamerican Codices

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Hironymous, Michael O.

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Benson Latin American Collection


The pictorial and writing traditions of Mesoamerica developed early in tthe cultural history of the are and flourished during the Classic and Post-Classic periods. While many of the native documents were destroyed in the course of the Conquest, the indigenous traditions did survive and were utilized in colonial New Spain. This bibliography contains select references to the published reproductions of sixty-one native screenfold books and tiras which have come to be known as codices. Other pictorial works, such as lienzos, genealogies, cadastral records, maps, and the Techialoyan-style documents, are not included here. The codices are listed alphabetically with a brief description. The source of a published version of each codex and its call number follows. Consult the card catalog, the online catalog, or one of the bibliographies listed below to locate other editions of a codex or an interpretation and analysis of its content.



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