Development of Joint Manufacturing and In-Line Metrology System for the Patterning of 3D Holographic Structures in Roll-to-Roll Processes

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Groh, Barbara
Lee, Kwon Sang
Cullinan, Michael
Chang, Chih-Hao

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University of Texas at Austin


Roll-to-roll (R2R) fabrication at the micro and nano scales promises to increase manufacturing throughput and reduce unit cost while providing avenues for unique product applications. By exploring the potential of creating 3D structures with a single lithography step and being able to confirm success in-situ, existing multilayer patterning error can be mitigated, since 3D features would be created in one step rather than many. This paper demonstrates steps being taken to combine a R2R 3D nanolithography tool and an atomic force microscopy (AFM)- based in-line metrology tool into a functional system for patterning precise 3D structures. An existing manufacturing system will be adapted to pattern complex structures with a flexible PDMS mask currently being proven on stationary substrates. Modifications to the AFM system will include a focus on imaging patterns with varying mechanical properties and tailoring the system to include gathering mechanical information as well as imaging. By mapping surface features, the AFM tool will identify surface imperfections and predict failure modes occurring within the 3D structure.


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