Mammals of the Coffee Ranch Local Fauna Hemphilian of Texas




Dalquest, Walter W.

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Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas at Austin


The Coffee Ranch local fauna is the type of the Hemphillian Land Mammal Age. Fossils from the Coffee Ranch quarry have been known since 1930 and have been the basis for numerous publications, but no complete account of the fauna has been given. The present report is based on more than one thousand specimens gathered over twenty-two years, including both microvertebrates and large mammals. Thirty-eight taxa are listed, of which the following are described as new: Scalopus (Hesperoscalops) ruficervus, Eptesicus hemphillensis, Ccmancheomys n. gen., Comancheomys rogersi, Progeomys n. gen., Progeomys sulcatus, Calomys (Bensonomys) coffeyi, Neotoma (Paraneotoma) minutus. The Coffee Ranch local fauna is thought to be of middle Hemphillian age, younger than the Higgins and similarly aged local faunas but older than the Yepomera and Ocote local faunas of Mexico.


Contents: Abstract -- Introduction -- Acknowledgements -- Historical -- Age and Correlation -- Systematic List of Species -- Accounts of Species

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