Creating an International Collaborative MOOC on University Social Responsibility




Palacio, Fernando
Sadehvandi, Nikan

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Texas Education Review


In 2018 the universities in the University Social Responsibility Network (USRN) embarked on the ambitious project of creating a collaborative Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), aiming to raise awareness of the concept of University Social Responsibility (USR), boost the visibility of the achievements and social impacts of its members, and promote effective strategies for design and implementation of the universities’ civic engagements. Based on the Network Theory and organizational behavior analysis, the following pages depict the production process as a collaborative MOOC, how participation from USRN members was secured, and how each institution’s unique approach and share to the project was stitched together into a cohesive project. The paper describes the joint nature of the project, challenges faced, lessons learned, and tips for success in joint projects for MOOC creation as well as for USR policy making and implementation.



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