In-situ Infrared Thermographic Measurement of Powder Properties in Laser Powder Bed Fusion




Liu, Tao
Kinzel, Edward C.
Leu, Ming C.

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The laser powder-bed fusion (LPBF) process is strongly influenced by the characteristics of the powder layer, including its thickness and thermal transport properties. This paper presents an investigation of in-situ characterization of the powder layer using active infrared thermography.
The printing laser beam is diffused and illuminates onto the powder bed’s top surface in various frequencies. A long-wavelength thermal camera monitors the surface temperature history. Insight is provided by a one-dimensional thermal model of the process, which shows the frequency dependence of the surface temperature amplitude and phase on the powder layer thickness and thermal properties. An experiment demonstrates the validity of this model and shows its potential for measuring local powder properties in-situ.


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