Cosmic Music: A Jazz Suite Inspired by Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics




Sanchez, Telesmar

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Cosmic Music is a suite of jazz compositions where each movement closely represents a short story selected from Italo Calvino's "Cosmicomics." It features a jazz octet of UT jazz students composed of Cameron Riggs on piano, Christian Loveland on upright bass, Zach Kursman on drums, Sid Sadhu on trumpet, Paulo Santos on flute and alto saxophone, Ian Henderson on tenor saxophone, Gene Centeno on baritone saxophone, and myself on electric and acoustic guitar. The album was largely recorded, mixed, and mastered at Ice Cream Factory Studios. Cosmic Music is an attempt to synthesize my skills and experiences between my disparate studies of jazz guitar performance and Plan II honors at UT. Each piece employs programmatic word-painting techniques such as instrumentation, timbre, melodic contour, harmonic progression, tone, and orchestration to reference specific key elements of the stories they're based off of. The first movement, "To the Moon and Back", is based off of "The Distance of the Moon". The second movement, "Brightly Coloured Stripings", is based off of "The Spiral". The third movement, "Tagliatelle", is based off of "All at One Point". Finally, the fourth movement, "Document", is based off of "A Sign in Space". Cosmic Music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and all other major streaming platforms.



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