Catalog of Cuban Gulf Oil Co. Data




Rosencrantz, Eric
Ganey-Curry, Patricia
Code, Elizabeth
Lewis, Dan'l

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Institute for Geophysics



Investigations into the Geology of Cuba: Western and Central Cuba, otherwise known as the "Cuba Project" was initiated in 1985 to organize, catalog and archive a proprietary data set given to the University of Texas at Austin Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) by the Gulf Oil Exploration and Production Company, so that it was readily accessible and usable by the sponsors of the Cuba project. The data is an assortment of original pre-1959 documents from the Cuban Gulf Oil Company, Standard Oil Company of Cuba, Gulf Research and Development Company and others. The data set was originally donated to UTIG just as Gulf Oil Corporation ceased to exist as an independent company in 1984, when it merged with Standard Oil of California, with both rebranding as Chevron. The Cuban Gulf Oil dataset was organized, catalogued and originally compiled into a three-part comprehensive report containing: 1) Catalog of Cuban Data, 2) Bibliography of Cuban Papers and Reports, and 3) Large format atlas titled: An Overview of the Cuban Orogen, with an Assessment of Hydrocarbons Potential. The Catalog and Bibliography have been joined and through extensive effort by a group of students, much of the set of original documents have been inventoried, organized, digitized and linked into the following manuscript. The large collection of original reports, memoranda, logs etc. have been scanned to digital documents and have been included and linked within this document. This document is meant to accompany the large format 35 page atlas titled: An Overview of the Cuban Orogen, with an Assessment of Hydrocarbons Potential. The report contains fully annotated maps outlining the geology and geophysics of Cuba including maps describing the hydrocarbon potential of the island. The atlas was finally completed and delivered to project participants in January 1994. As the catalogue, the atlas has also been digitized into a modern friendly format. _____________________________________________________________________
This zip archive contains a pdf of the main catalog, Cuba_Catalog_2010, linked to files organized in a set of folders. The archive is meant to be maintained in this file structure.

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Rosencrantz, Eric, 1991, Catalog of Cuban Gulf Oil Co. Data, University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Technical Report Number 131, 145p plus appendixes. Digital Update 2010 by: Patricia Ganey-Curry, Elizabeth Code, and Dan’l Lewis.