Thermal Analysis Of Fused Deposition

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AtifYardimci, M.
Hattori, Takeshi
Guceri, Selcuk I.
Danforth, Stephen C.

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Fused Deposition processes involve successive melting, extrusion and solidification of thermoplastic polymer melts. Fluid mechanics and heat transfer of neat or particle-filled polymeric melts, viscoelastic deformation and solidification ofthe roads that are being produced, and repetitive thermal loading of the growing part are important physical processes that control the final quality of the part. Previous computational process models investigated deposition and cooling processes for single and multiple filaments. In the current study, complimentary computational models are presented for the extrusion phase of the process. Impact of liquefier and nozzle design on thermal hardware behavior and operational stability has been quantified. Also a detailed study of temperature field near the vicinity of deposition point is presented with particular emphasis on dimensional analysis and deposition ofmultiple material systems.


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