Andrés Bello and the almost pentamorphic verb

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Nilsson, David O.

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Andrés Bello was the Chilean linguist and diplomat whose Gramatica de la Lengua Castellana is the basis for this work. Starting with his basic terminology, the work here, on the one hand, is more detailed in that it analyses five specific morphemes, and on the other hand, is more general in that it traces the morphemic relationships through families of tenses, and arrives, not only at three of Bello's tense names, but furthermore at a general system for naming other tenses which neither Bello nor other linguists have discussed. William E. Bull, linguist and professor, whose work helps to keep this work forcused on teaching, devised a system showing that "tense forms are concerned with both aspect and order" which, though interesting to a specialist, arrrived at its own kind of ambiguity which he was unsuccessful in avoiding. Here that dilemma is resolved by distinction presented by contrastive pairs, inductively rather than deductively, using textual material, and by recognizing that order involves two morphemes. One other feature, called "the chart", uses an idea similar to "synopsis", but is quite different. Vellacott's statement "I have been led to the present inquiry by the fact that ...I find it hard not to disagree...with judgements generally approved in learned comment..." applies equally well here.



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