Using Open Source Tools to Improve DSpace Statistics




Borrego, Gilbert
Liu, Chia-Hui
Hill, Natalie
Lyon, Colleen

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DSpace provides usage data on page views and downloads, but the accuracy of that data has been called into question. Library staff at UT Austin, despite a challenging budget, have sought to improve the communication of usage data produced in DSpace. We will discuss our use of RAMP (Repository Analytics and Metrics Portal) to improve the accuracy of the usage data gathered from DSpace and Google Analytics. We will also describe the script we wrote to aggregate RAMP statistics in spreadsheet format as well as a deep dive into our usage data. Participants will learn the pros and cons of repository usage data tools, and the skills and resources required to implement similar workflows.
Presentation at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. May 22, 2019 in Austin, TX.

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