Scorecards and city government

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Larsen, Troy Arron

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There is a movement in government toward more accountability and higher performance in the delivery of services. Well-managed and documented results are vital to transparency and enhanced decision-making ability for managers. Performance management and measurement is becoming a bigger part of the dialogue in the public sector, even though it has been present for decades in the private sector. One tool that is being adopted by public sector organizations is scorecards or balanced scorecards for performance measurement or management frameworks. Increasingly these tools are being used to satisfy the public’s and legislature’s desire for more accountability among the public sector in service delivery with public funds. These tools can fill the gap between simple budgetary or financial reporting to including more diverse non-financial indicators of performance. They can also provide a framework for better performance management and decision-making ability in addition to reporting on performance measures. This report provides an overview of scorecards and introduces concepts for the public sector that may bridge the gap between simple reporting and incorporating a scorecard for management purposes. It also suggests some non-standard techniques to utilizing cutting edge approaches to enhance the usability of scorecards as a more dynamic reporting and management tool.



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