Re-visioning multicultural competencies for Texas art teachers

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Kraehe, Amelia McCauley, 1977-

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After two decades, the state of Texas has recently revised its art teacher education standards and the related certification test instrument for all-level licensure of beginning art teachers. Because of the cultural and linguistic diversity that characterizes the state’s student population, the updated standards for teacher licensure have great import for the future of K-12 art education and the preparation of the next generation of art teachers. As an educational reform movement intended to bring about equity in schooling and, ultimately, societal change, multicultural education is relevant for the preparedness of beginning art teachers. Using a mixed-method research design, this study compared the multicultural content of the original and revised art certification examinations of beginning art teacher competence. The results indicated minimal inclusion of multicultural knowledge and skills in favor of a traditional, Euro-centric curriculum focused on studio production and formalism. Implications for art educators in Texas and elsewhere were presented as well as areas for additional research.