Development of a Testbench for Additive Manufacturing Data Integration, Management, and Analytics

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University of Texas at Austin


The NIST Additive Manufacturing (AM) Data Integration Testbench is a platform designed to evaluate data models, communication methods, and data analytics for AM industrialization. This paper describes a reference framework for AM data integration, named AMIF, and the design of the testbench based on AM Integration Framework (AMIF) for testing the integration of in-process data acquisition, real-time feature extraction, process control, and predictive models under a data management system. A specification of this testbench is developed to manage and stream voluminous data captured by high-speed cameras and performing data analytics using common information models and functional interfaces. The integration of the data, models, and computer tools sends operational decisions to an AM machine in real time. On top of the real-time control functions, AM data integration with MES and ERP systems is also included using a high-performance data warehouse for long-term data archiving and metadata management. The architecture of this testbench is illustrated in this work. AMIF can guide AM practitioners and system integrators to build their integrated AM manufacturing systems for production. The NIST AM testbench’s plug-and-play features allow both internal and external researchers and developers to assess the effectiveness of their individual data models, data analytics, and decision-making algorithms on the systems engineering level.


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