Moving beyond compliance and towards diversity equity access and inclusion : a case study of the programming and institutional initiatives at the Dallas Museum of Art that embrace DEAI

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Marco, Karen Ann

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This exploratory case study focuses on the ways in which one art museum has implemented its diversity, equity, access, and inclusion (DEAI) work, and investigates the degree to which this policy embodies the institution’s aspirations for DEAI as outlined in their mission statement, EDI policy, and accessibility page. Utilizing case study research methodology to employ qualitative inquiry, this project examines how the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) has attempted to cultivate interdepartmental, museum-wide commitment to DEAI. Through semi-structured interviews, review of online content, and direct site observation, this research has uncovered relevant and timely findings that answer the central research question: How has the Dallas Museum of Art applied principles of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion to their programming, resources, and institutional initiatives? Data analysis revealed both successes and potential areas of improvement in the DMA’s journey toward DEAI. Successes the DMA’s process for responding to visitor needs, including integrating identities into educational programming; continuing challenges include institutional dialogue and transparency with the public. This research has the potential to inspire art and museum educators alike to move beyond statements of solidarity, and toward informed and radical action in support of DEAI in the field of Art Education.



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