The quiet part(s) loud




Franko, Maxwell

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Noise is a word in the typical English dictionary with 6 to 7 different definitions: an undesired sound, or one that interferes with hearing, a style of dissonant rock music, the natural or routine sounds of something – a machine maybe, meaningless data occurring alongside desired information, indirect or unofficial comments, and a list of others. Whether it is sound or data, all definitions seem to revolve around the idea of unwanted information. For some time, I could not stop thinking about the machines that surround us in our everyday lives and the information we are susceptible to because of them. I think of cellphones, public transportation, advertisements, YouTube videos, vehicles, and the noise they create; noise on many of the levels mentioned above. Knowing the benefits of these technologies in our lives, I only sought to create a world in which the resulting sound is amplified. "The Quiet Part(s) Loud" is a display of some of these definitions of noise and how they appear in the world today. I'm making no judgement on the technologies themselves; I'm only making the quiet parts loud



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