Effects of hosting an event on destination brand : a test of co-branding and match-up models

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Xing, Xiaoyan

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This study adopted a 3 (event) × 3 (city) experimental design and used a co-branding framework to examine the transfer of image between cities and events. Two dimensions were identified to measure the transfer: an activity dimension and an evaluation dimension. To test the effect of image congruence, brand alliances between city and event with similar or contrasting images were formulated along the activity dimension. Results indicated that priming affects respondents’ perception of the match-up. Respondents perceived sport events (whether active or leisurely) more appropriately paired with an active city than a leisurely city. It was found that transfer on the activity dimension was unaffected by the match-up. Respondents assimilated the sport events’ activeness to that of the cities whereas the activeness of the cities was contrasted with that of the sport events. It was noted that familiarity with the brands might contribute to the assimilation or contrast transfers. On the other hand, match-up matters on the evaluation dimension. The degree of congruency between the two brands was positively related to respondents’ evaluation of the cities, although it did not affect that of the sport events


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