Residual Stresses in Layered Manufacturing

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Nickel, A.
Barnett, D.
Link, G.
Prinz, F.

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Layered Manufacturing processes accumulate residual stresses during materialbuildup. These stresses may cause part warping and layer delamination. This paper presents work done on investigating residual stress accumulation andp(i,rt distortion of Layered Manufactured artifacts. A simple analyticaLmodel was developed and used to determine how the number of layers and the layer thickness influences part warping. Resllits show that thin layers produce lower part deflection as compared with depositing fewer and thicker layers. In addition to the analytical work, a finite element model wasdeveloped and used to illvestigate the deposition pattern's influence on. the part deflection. Finite element model and corresponding experimental analysis showed that the geometry of the deposition pattern significantly affects the resulting part distortion. This finite element model was also used to investigate an inter-layer surface defect,. known as the Christmas Thee Step, that is associated with Shape Deposition Manufacturing. Results indicate that the features of this defect are influenced only by the material deposited close. to the part·surface and the particular material deposited. The step is not affected by the deposition pattern.


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