SFF-Oriented Modeling and Process Planning of Functionally Graded Materials Using a Novel Equal Distance Offset Approach

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Xu, Anping
Shaw, Leon L.

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This paper deals with the modeling and process planning of solid freeform fabrication (SFF) of 3D functionally graded materials (FGMs). A novel approach of representation and process planning of FGMs, termed as equal distance offset (EDO), is developed. In EDO, a neutral arbitrary 3D CAD model is adaptively sliced into a series of 2D layers. Within each layer, 2D material gradients are designed and represented via dividing the 2D shape into several sub-regions enclosed by iso-composition contours. If needed, the material composition gradient within each of sub-regions can be further determined by applying the equal distance offset algorithm to each sub-region. Using this approach, an arbitrary-shaped 3D FGM object with linear or non-linear composition gradients can be represented and fabricated via suitable SFF machines.


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