Characterization and Analysis of Geometric Features for the Wire-Arc Additive Process

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Masuo, Christopher
Nycz, Anddrzej
Nycz, Andrzej
Noakes, Mark W.
Love, Lonnie J.

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University of Texas at Austin


The wire-arc additive manufacturing (AM) process expands the possibilities of effectively producing large-scale, complex metal objects through high deposition rates at low costs. However, this process is prone to irregularities in geometric features that occur from improper thermal conditions and build parameters that cause uneven build heights. This paper discusses a method to obtain consistent build characteristics and near net shape geometric features for the wire-arc AM process. Process parameters are established for each material printed to ensure characterization of layer build height and even flow in the interior of parts. Various sections of the build including perimeter, infill, and various wall thicknesses require different strategies to correctly build the part. Open-loop build geometry is still not sufficient to build a part to near net shape of the original model. Average layer height is determined and used with adaptive height control to print the correct, modeled height.


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