Financial adequacy and the true cost of curriculum in a central Texas school district

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Greenberg, Anita Warner

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Financial adequacy states that because different campuses hold different populations of students, and the needs of those students differ from one another, different campuses should receive not equal funding (as determined by the state of Texas) but, equitable and adequate funding. This study illustrates the differences between the students’ needs in two different ma thematics departments, in two different high schools, in the same public school district, in central Texas. Through focus groups and interviews the perceived needs of these students are discussed and resources that may fulfill these needs are listed. The resources are then costed-out using the district’s financial information. What is found is that although the two school’s mathematics departments are within $66,000 of each other the teachers ask for very different resources and, even when the resources are similar, the teachers of each mathematics department want them to be used in different ways.