Improved Ni I Log(gf) Values and Abundance Determinations in the Photospheres of the Sun and Metal-Poor Star HD 84937

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Wood, M. P.
Lawler, James E.
Sneden, Christopher
Cowan, John J.

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Atomic transition probability measurements for 371 Ni I lines in the UV through near-IR are reported. Branching fractions from data recorded using a Fourier transform spectrometer and a new echelle spectrograph are combined with published radiative lifetimes to determine these transition probabilities. Generally good agreement is found in comparisons to previously reported Ni I transition probability measurements. Use of the new echelle spectrograph, independent radiometric calibration methods, and independent data analysis routines enable a reduction of systematic errors and overall improvement in transition probability uncertainty over previous measurements. The new Ni I data are applied to high-resolution visible and UV spectra of the Sun and metal-poor star HD 84937 to derive new, more accurate Ni abundances. Lines covering a wide range of wavelength and excitation potential are used to search for non-LTE effects.



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Wood, M. P., J. E. Lawler, C. Sneden, and J. J. Cowan. "Improved Ni I log (gf) Values and Abundance Determinations in the Photospheres of the Sun and Metal-poor Star HD 84937." The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, Vol. 211, No. 2 (Apr., 2014): 20.