Long distance : for solo percussion, wind ensemble, and electronics




Snowden, Steven, 1981-

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Long Distance is a work for solo percussion (marimba and vibraphone), wind ensemble, and electronics consisting of four movements and lasting approximately twenty minutes. Each movement is designed to be able to stand on its own and, when multiple movements are performed, their order is flexible. A version of this piece with no wind ensemble also exists and was commissioned by a consortium of 33 percussionists. From its inception, this solo version was composed with the possibility of expansion to a larger instrumentation in mind. In this paper, I will discuss and analyze many of the factors and influences involved in my composition process for this piece. This will include performance techniques, extracting and utilizing musical material from field recordings, audio processing techniques, orchestration, drawing musical inspiration from non-musical sources, and stylistic juxtaposition. In addition, I will provide some background on how this commission came about and how composition as a collaborative process shaped this piece especially in the context of working with such a large and diverse consortium.




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