Site Investigation and Evaluation of Remediation Alternatives for the Mandi-Injecto Site, Tom Green County, Texas

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The Mandi-Injecto site, approximately 6.5 miles (approximately 10.5 kilometers) southwest of San Angelo in Tom Green County, Texas, consists of a 2-acre (approximately 0.8-hectare) area that is barren of vegetation mainly due to salt-impacted soil, buried oil-field sludge in a disposal trench and surrounding overflow area, and a local salinity plume in shallow groundwater. Recommended remedial solutions include (1) removing the contents of the disposal trench to a permitted facility and backfilling the excavation; (2) placing, grading, and vegetating a cover soil to minimize percolation of water and leaching of additional salt to the water table; and (3) monitoring the groundwater to provide data needed as a basis for site closure.

The Mandi-Injecto site is made up of two separately permitted but adjacent abandoned oil-field-related facilities. The Mandi facility was an oil-reclamation plant, and the Injecto site was a saltwater storage and disposal facility. The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) performed cleanup actions at the Mandi-Injecto site from July through November 1989, July and September 1993, and May and June 1994. The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) conducted additional investigations at the site between June 1996 and August 1997 on behalf of the RRC to (1) locate and identify the composition and extent of impacted media at the Mandi-Injecto site and (2) make risk-based recommendations for any site-remediation activities.


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