From Grammatical to Global: The WAC/Writing Center Connection




Corbett, Steven
LaFrance, Michelle

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In a 1999 essay reporting a synoptic history of writing center theory and practice, Elizabeth Boquet honestly laments her feelings of boredom with writing center scholarship up to that time. Since, it seems, everything has been said and done, she asks the pointed question: “What is being left out of our discussions on teaching writing by our failure to account for the work of the writing center in a critically intellectual manner?” (479). She goes on to suggest that newer, fresher stories wait to be told: “Other stories can be brought to light, stories which write the developments of the contemporary writing center in theoretically sophisticated ways, stories that consider the critical capacities of networking, of linking writing centers with WAC programs, of placing peer tutors in classrooms” (479). If we look to scholarship (stories) on the WAC/writing center connection we will find that strong interdisciplinary connections between writing centers, writing classrooms, and the university at large already exist. In order for these more theoretically sophisticated stories to be told to their fullest dramatic potential, however, WAC/writing center connections need to continue to be investigated, researched, and reported on.

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