Finite Element Analysis of the SALDVI Process 393

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Dai, K.
Crocker, J.
Shaw, L.
Marcus, H.

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Selective Area Laser Deposition Vapor Infiltration (SALDVI) is a developing solid freeform fabrication (SFF) technique aimed at the direct fabrication of ceramic and ceramic/metal structures and composites. SALDVI uses a layer-by-layer approach in which layers of powder are densified with solid material deposited from gas precursors by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) using laser heating. In this work, we have performed numerical simulation using the ANSYS code with 3-dimensional coupled field elements to calculate the temperature field and the part geometry resulting from the SALDVI process. The effects of the powder and vapor deposited material properties on the temperature distribution and the part geometry have been investigated. The result from the numerical simulation is found to be consistent with those obtained from experiments performed using the silicon carbide forming gas precursor Si(CH3)4 and SiC powder particles.



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