Effect of Voronoi Lattice Geometry on the Fatigue Performance of Ti-6Al-4V




Uí Mhurchadha, S.M.
Marques, S.
Givet, L.
Raghavendra, R.

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University of Texas at Austin


This paper investigates the effect of strut thickness and number of pores on the fatigue performance of Ti-6Al-4V voronoi lattice structures designed with the same part volume. The aim of this study is to establish the variation in high cycle fatigue parameters for constant volume lattice structures designed with various lattice parameters. Voronoi geometries were designed with varying strut thicknesses and number of pores to maintain a constant specimen volume. The geometries were tested under compressive fatigue conditions at a reversal ratio, R, of 0.1. It was found that the strut thickness has a significant influence on the fatigue life of the lattice. An increase in the strut thickness by 100 µm can result in a reduction in fatigue life by up to a factor of 10. The results from this research can influence the design of lattice structures for osteointegration in loadbearing biomedical implant applications.


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