Functional test automation framework for domain experts




Shahzad, Khurram

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Functional Test of any given system is used to verify that the top level system is performing according to the specifications and all of the sub systems, i.e., hardware, software, inputs, outputs and sensors are operating properly. The term System is used here in context of any device or equipment consisting of hardware, software, sensors, virtual sensors and inputs / outputs. One of the examples of such a system is a semiconductor fabrication equipment. There have only been a few approaches that are used to perform the functional test of a system. Engineers typically develop custom test equipment to interface with the system under test and determine proper functioning of all the sub systems and behavior of overall system. In another method, domain experts, utilize the software of the system under test, and manually actuate / stimulate sub systems and then observe and record outcomes to determine whether the system exhibited correct behavior. A novel solution of a reusable functional test automation framework is developed. The framework interfaces with the system under test via the exposed API, and allow domain experts with minimal or no programming background to create test suites to methodically test overall functionality of the system.



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