Growth mindset in community colleges : a review of the literature




Delboy, Emilio, M. Ed.

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Community colleges play a key role in American higher education, educating a disproportionate percentage of low-income and racially minoritized students. At the K-12 and four-year university level, there is some evidence that growth mindset, the idea abilities can be developed through hard work, is correlated with various measures of student success. Further, there is evidence that interventions that increase growth mindset can improve student outcomes, particularly for low-achieving students. In this report, I identify and review the literature focused on growth mindset and community colleges and find that while both students and faculty generally believe that growth mindset is an important component of academic success, the evidence on whether growth mindset is correlated with measurable academic achievement and of the efficacy of mindset interventions is mixed. I conclude with recommendations to help guide future research and practice related to growth mindset at the community college level.


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