Para Conocimiento de la Jefa del Area III, August 24, 2007




De Francesco, Virginia

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Another document entitled “For the knowledge of the boss of Area III,” this document begins with general information about Abra Pampa, the lead foundry Metal Huasi, and lead as a contaminant and neurotoxin. It goes on to describe a progress report on a project whose title translates as “Chemical Risk Evaluation by Toxic Metals in Abra Pampa, Assigning Magnitude and Probabilities of Adverse Effects of Contamination on the Environment and the Exposed Child Population.” All samples taken in this study show lead levels in the city between 1.5 and 17 times higher than the amounts allowed in Mexico, while on the property of the former lead foundry the levels were 50 time higher. Levels of lead in children’s blood is also mentioned, along with other efforts carried out by the writers of the report. The document is signed by Virginia De Francesco and also signed and stamped by Dr. Cristina Maiztegui, “Jefe Area III” (Boss of Area III).

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