Should home culture play a role in art education for Diné deaf and hard of hearing children? : a life history of coyote eyes, a Diné deaf rug weaver

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McGregor, Tony Landon

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Little research conducted on the Diné Deaf, the fragility of Diné Deaf culture, and the importance of recording a remarkable Diné Deaf rug weaver’s life for American Indian children and individuals to hear or read were reasons for this valuable study. The study employed a retrospective life history research methodology that focused on a single exemplary case, that of a Diné Deaf rug weaver. Such an exploratory in-depth study allowed for a complex understanding of the rug weaver's life in interaction with his sociocultural/historical context in an area in which the potential sample was too small for a broad sample study. It was anticipated that this study would eventually lead to appropriate culturally relevant art programs serving American Indian and Diné Deaf children.



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