Emotional climate, sex, and satisfaction in marriage : does sex really matter?

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Hartzell, Allyson Camille

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This study examined sexual frequency, sexual satisfaction, and marital satisfaction in connection with the emotional climate within which it exists, using data from a 13-year longitudinal study about marriage. First, affection and negativity were used to predict sexual frequency. Second, affection, negativity and sexual frequency were used to predict spouses' sexual satisfaction. Third, sexual frequency and spouses' sexual satisfaction were used to predict marital satisfaction. A positive association was found between affection and sexual frequency, whereas no association was found between negativity and sexual frequency. Affection was found to be associated with higher sexual satisfaction for husbands in the early years of marriage and negativity was associated with lower sexual satisfaction for both spouses. An association was also found between one's own sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction. No association was found between sexual frequency and marital satisfaction when the emotional climate was considered.



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