Quantifying spin Hall topological Hall effect in ultrathin Tm 3 Fe 5 O 12 / Pt bilayers




Nunley, T. Nathan
Guo, Side
Chang, LIang-Juan
Choe, Jeongheon
Lee, Shang-Fan
Yang, Fengyuan
Li, Xiaoqin

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Recent reports have shown that thulium iron garnet (TmIG) based bilayers are promising material platforms for realizing small, room-temperature skyrmions. For potential applications, it is impera- tive to accurately evaluate electrical read-out signals of skyrmions. In this context, the topological Hall effect has been considered as a characteristic signature of skyrmion formation. Unlike previous studies that have modeled the anomalous Hall effect in ultrathin TmIG/Pt bilayers, we isolate its contribution to the electrical read-out signal by directly measuring the magnetic hysteresis loops using a sensitive Sagnac magneto-optical Kerr effect technique. Our combined optical and electrical measurements reveal that the spin-Hall topological Hall resistivity is considerably larger than previ- ously estimated values. Our finding further indicates that skyrmions can exist at room-temperature and near-zero applied magnetic fields.



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