Information-seeking behaviors of teachers for technology integration : a case study of two school districts




Ko, Yujung

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The goal of this study aims to understand teacher information-seeking behaviors for technology-infused teaching and learning in two school districts. With technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) as its conceptual framework, this study attempts to understand teacher information needs for technology integration in relation to technology knowledge (TK), technological content knowledge (TCK), and technological pedagogical knowledge (TPK). Using a mixed method case analysis approach, both quantitative and qualitative data were collected from teachers in the two technology-intensive school districts. Teachers completed an online survey that consists of information content, information sources, value ratings for online sources, technology usage, and demographic information. Upon completing the survey, a semi-structured interview was conducted with participating teachers to capture teacher online information-seeking practices for technology integration in detail. The findings showed that teachers sought TCK information most frequently, followed by TK, and they expressed the need for high-quality, reliable resources. District A teachers were found to search information online less than District B teachers in all three areas of TK, TCK, and TPK, which can be explained by various supports and professional learning opportunities available in District A. For successful technology initiatives in schools and districts, proper supports for teachers need to be offered. By diversifying support mechanisms via different means and resources, teachers can develop knowledge and skills for technology integration.


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