Trends of vocal warm-ups and vocal health from the perspective of singing and medical professionals




Sugars, Janeal Marie

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The purpose of this treatise is to investigate the efficacy of vocal warm-ups/vocalises and their role in teaching vocal technique and health for the solo singer. In addition, it will provide a brief history of vocalises and methods of the “Bel Canto” era. Current literature addresses warm-ups for choral ensembles and choral singers. It does not adequately address solo/individual warm-ups and their impact on vocal technique, health and performances. Laryngologists and voice professionals were interviewed to better understand the role of vocalises in the study of voice and professional performance. These interviews were conducted in person, by telephone and via electronic mail correspondence. Voice teachers and singers were surveyed on their current vocal warm-up practices both in the voice studio and in performance. Surveys are to be administered in three ways: 1) hard copy surveys delivered at the National Association of Teachers of Singing National Conference 2008; 2) selected nationally known teachers and singers received via ground mail a copy of the survey; 3) an online survey. This study was directed to obtain answers to the following questions: 1) Is there a standard methodology for vocal warm-ups?; 2) If so, how has this methodology evolved over time?; 3) What is the current use of vocal warm-ups and vocalises by voice instructors and professional voice users?; 4) How does the use of vocal warm-ups and vocalises influence the effectiveness of vocal performance?; 5) Does the use of vocal warm-ups or vocalises contribute to the health of the singer, thus resulting in an excellent vocal performance?; 6) Does practicing vocal warm-ups or vocalises have a positive effect on overall vocal health? This study aims to broaden the current understanding of vocalises and their impact on the teaching and performing of classical voice.




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